Our Mission

Our mission is to impact the lives of the patients and families we serve by providing exceptional care in a kid-friendly environment.

Why Choose Us?

Kid Friendly

If you don’t think going to the dentist can be fun you have not been to Parkview Pediatric Dentistry!
All team members are committed to helping children make the most of dental appointments by providing a kid-friendly environment that promotes overall body health.

Exceptional Care

We tailor our treatment approach to each unique and perfectly created child.

We empower parents and children with knowledge about optimal tooth development, prevention of dental decay, and establishing healthy lifelong habits.

We have equipped our office with state of the art equipment.

As specialists, we work to maintain the highest standards of practice set forth by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and use materials and techniques backed by scientific literature.

Make a Big Impact

We want to make a big impact beyond our office work by helping children create habits early in life that lead to life-long improved health. This work includes educating and demonstrating the importance of oral hygiene, diet, and overall body care.

All team members work to prevent children from being “afraid” of the dentist and learn to master their dental appointments.

Parkview seeks to find ways to volunteer time, be involved in community events, and work with local charities that improve the lives of children in our community and around the world.

Fun at Parkview Pediatric Dentistry:

2 kids only play areas full of iPads, video games, TV’s and other kids games
A park-themed office with seek-and-find murals
A “little free library” to pick out and take home free books and maybe share one too!
TV’s for all treatment areas so children can watch their favorite shows