Welcome to Parkview Pediatric Dentistry in Lubbock, TX!

Our mission is to impact the lives of the patients and families we serve by providing exceptional care, in a kid-friendly environment.

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Monday – Thursday 8AM – 5PM
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At Parkview Pediatric Dentistry, we are a pediatric dental specialty office.

Our doctors and staff are passionate about treating your greatest assets, your children. Parkview Pediatric Dentistry was founded in 2013 and is a locally owned private practice with the mission to provide Exceptional care for all of God’s children. We believe that every child is unique and perfectly created. As specialists in pediatric dentistry we realize that there is no cookie cutter way to best treat a child. Because of this, we work with your family as a whole to determine the best care for YOUR CHILD.

Our offices are designed with your family in mind. You will find parent seating areas throughout our offices to allow you to accompany your child for all their visits. We have multiple play areas for children as well as a “Little Free Library” that is stocked with fun books for you and your children to read.

First and foremost at Parkview Pediatric Dentistry we care about creating a positive environment where all children can master the dental appointment and enjoy their dental visits. A primary focus of our practice is prevention. Tooth decay is the #1 disease of childhood. We use scientifically proven methods and guidance to help prevent this devastating disease. Please talk with us about ways to prevent tooth decay, otherwise known as “Sugar Bugs” ( See Terminology Section )

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

  • A Pediatric Dentist is like the pediatrician of dentistry. To become a pediatric dental specialist you must attend 2-3 years of extra schooling where the focus is on the treatment of children, adolescents and individuals with special healthcare needs.

  • After completing an extra 2-3 years of training the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry has a testing sequence that must be completed before becoming board certified.

  • All of the Doctors at Parkview are specialists in Pediatric Dentistry.



All of our doctors are passionate about making your child’s dental visit a positive one. With compassion and expertise, they will help ensure your child will pursue a lifetime of good oral habits!

Dustin Janssen, DDS
Dustin Janssen, DDS
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Molly Lopez-Cepero, DDS
Molly Lopez-Cepero, DDS
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Kyle Reynolds, DDS
Kyle Reynolds, DDS
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