Dustin Janssen, DDS (Dr. Dusty) was born and raised in Shallowater Texas. Growing up in a small town taught him to truly value people, and there aren’t any better people than those that call West Texas home. Being from a small town also taught him that you don’t say something about someone you wouldn’t say to their face. Because of this you can always count on him to keep you informed about your child’s health.

Dusty’s wife, Mindi, is also from Lubbock. They have 3 daughters, Claire, Camille, and Caroline, and one furry daughter named Ginger (she is a dog). Ginger is a Caviler King Charles Spaniel and she loves nothing more than cuddling and licking up the food that is dropped by her sisters. Raising a family of girls has been such a joy.  Dr. Dusty feels so blessed to have a career that he can better serve his patients by being a father.

Dr Dusty is very passionate about faith, family, and overall health. His faith plays an important role in all areas of his life. He believes that all children deserve to be loved and cared for. At our office family comes first. From all our staff, to all our patients, all that we do at Parkview Pediatric Dentistry is centered around family.

When he isn’t working or playing at home with his family he enjoys running, working out and playing golf.

Dustin Janssen, DDS with his family

Education and Experience

Following high school in Shallowater, Dr Dusty attended Texas Tech University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Following this he completed 4 years of training at Baylor Dental and received his DDS degree. He returned to Lubbock to practice general dentistry, but soon realized that his true passion and skill was in the treatment of children. After applying to a very competitive specialty of Pediatric Dentistry he was selected to attend the University of Washington’s Pediatric Dental residency. This was an intensive 2 year program where he was able to work with world renowned specialists and hone his clinical skills. As beautiful as the Pacific Northwest was, nothing could compare to the people of Lubbock. Because of this he returned to Lubbock to open his practice to use his skills to provide exceptional care to the children of West Texas.