Our office hours are:

  • Monday- Thursday 8am-5pm
  • Friday 8am-12pm

Emergency Contact

We understand emergencies happen and Parkview is here for you. Here are some helpful tips for emergency care:

      • First take a deep breath, teeth can always be fixed, but we want to make sure your child is safe and medically assessed if needed, if a concussion or greater injuries are suspected please visit your medical provider or emergency room
      • If a baby tooth is knocked out never replant the tooth, If an adult tooth is knocked out and the patient is alert and awake it is best to place the tooth back in the socket it was knocked out of.  If you are not comfortable with this the next best is to place the tooth in milk and visit your dentist immediately.

You can also call our office after hours to speak to one of our doctors. Please call at (806)796-2408. Follow the prompts to connect with our after hours phone.