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What do I love….Teeth?

14 Feb

What do I love…..Teeth?

We live in a world where the word “LOVE” is thrown around without a care.  We love everything!  When we love everything doesn’t that devalue actual deep down meaningful “LOVE”?

I know this is going to sound corny, but I am so thankful that I don’t just “LOVE” everything.  I am picky about the things that are worth the use of such a strong word.

I enjoy food, I enjoy being healthy, I enjoy many things.  But I “LOVE” only a few, my savior Jesus Christ, my wife and daughter, and I also “LOVE” my job.  So I guess I LOVE teeth.  I know there are probably support groups out there for geeks like me, but I really do love teeth because teeth tell a great story about the people attached to them.  I heard this week from a mom in my office that

“ I have been taking my 8 year old to the dentist for a long time and I have never had someone do such a thorough exam, or take the time to explain things to me like you did.”

This makes me really happy, but also it concerns me a little.  Do dentists just look at teeth?  I know that I can say, “In my office the answer is NO!”  As much as I love teeth, I enjoy knowing that there is a living, breathing, and growing child who is directly impacted by their teeth.  Recent studies have show that grinding the teeth at night can be directly related to episodes of apnea.  These episodes of apnea at night for a young child can impact the development of the brain and lead to increased likelihood of ADD/ADHD.  This is just one example how teeth can tell me a great story about the child with whom they belong.

So when you come to Parkview Pediatric Dentistry, please be ready to talk about Growth and Development, Dietary habits, Sleep habits, and much more.  Because looking at teeth is just a small part of the services I provide at Parkview Pediatric Dentistry.

During this Valentine’s week think about what you “LOVE.”  I hope that you get to spend time with those whom you truly love.

Happy Valentine's From Parkview

Thank you to all the special patients who have made our first two months at Parkview Pediatric Dentistry an extreme success.


Dr. Dusty

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